Different notification options for same service depending on host

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Say I’m running the built in swap check on two different machines - one one machine I want to know at all times whether swap is being used (and therefore page me for it) and for the other machine I don’t really care, but maybe it should send me an email notification in work hours. This is also the case for a number of different services that should run on all hosts - but depending on the host group they should have different notification policies

How would I go about setting something like this up - what would be the best practice for this setup?

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either you create 2 notification apply rules where the assign where expression matches either one or the other.

  assign where "linux-servers" in host.groups

  assign where "linux-servers" !in host.groups

Or you’ll go with conditional statements inside the apply rule itself.

  if ("linux-servers" in host.groups) {
    period = "24x7"
  } else {
    period = "workhours"

If this doesn’t work, you can also move the period to the user level and only set the users or user_groups array to specific notification apply rules.


That’s great, thank you for your help!