Difference between Icinga data and Grafana (INfluxDB) Data

Hi All!
I’m trying to create a kind of “Tactical Overview Dashboard” as per Icinga2, using Grafana.
This is the results I have:

Unfortunately these data are not correct due to fact that in the same time in Icinga I do not have any HOST in downtime, but GRAFANA (INfluxDB) report 1 Host in downtime

I have a total of 168 host so In this moment all host are UP… But grafana reports 1 host in downtime!

A host can be UP and in a Downtime.

Go to overview and select downtimes to see all current downtimes.

I agree with you…
But there is always a delay from result from ICINGA and the same date reported in GRAFANA by INFLUXDB…
Is there a way to keep more in sync these two sources ?

What’s in the tactical overview here doesn’t negate what the grafana dashboard is saying. Something is likely in a healthy state but downtimed. Tactical overview will show Up hosts as solid green, but downtimed hosts in Warn, Crit, or Unknown state will be a faded color meaning “handled”. Icinga sends data to both IDO and your TSDB at regular intervals, so there shouldn’t be much of a noticeable difference.

I believe I have encountered something similar.

The problem was that the default timeframe in Grafana was 6 hours which led to the inclusion of some state changes that happened in those 6 hours. If you try and set the timeframe to 5min, it should show identical results.