Deployment architecture - Director HA icinga Web servers


can you tell me if icingaweb2 module is stateless or stateful?

I have two icingaweb2 nodes (different hosts to icinga masters for HAt) each one pointing to both icinga-2-master nodes of my master HA zone for transport. My Icinga2 setup has an HA master zone and multiple zones connected to it on top-down configuration.

Since implementing Icinga Director module, can I deploy Director to both Icinga Web servers? or is it mandatory to deploy to single icinga web, and convert my distributed-round-robin balancing algorithm into a fail over load-balancing (all traffic to icingaweb-1 unless it has crashed).

Is it supported to install director on both Icinga webs, so they run in a round robin fashion? (they’ll both connect to same Director database, Director will be configured to connect to the configuration master on the master zone; that is icinga master 1 on the pictore).

or Am I forced to have only ONE active icingaweb running Directore ?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, you can run the Director from multiple webinterfaces.
We are doing this as well with one webserver in Azure and one in our private cloud. Both webservers are then loadbalanced.

But you can only deploy your configuration on your configuration master, so under /director/dashboard?name=infrastructure#!/director/kickstart you need to set your config master on both Director instances.

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Thanks. Will keep the design with load-balancing and pointing ONLY to icinga2-configuration master.