Hello, are there any documentation about configuring Dependencies in Icinga Director? Or issues on git, other topics…

All, that i already founded - old short instructions about specific problems

Hi Artemy

I found this in the documentation:


  • PHP (≥7.3)
    • Director v1.10 is the last version with support for PHP v5.6
  • Icinga 2 (≥2.8.0)
    • It is recommended to use the latest feature release of Icinga 2
    • All versions since 2.4.3 should also work fine, but we do no longer test and support them.
    • Some features require newer Icinga 2 releases
      • Flapping requires 2.8 for the thresholds to work - and at least 2.7 on all nodes
  • Icinga Web (≥2.8.0). All versions since 2.2 should also work fine, but might show smaller UI bugs and are not actively tested
  • The following Icinga modules must be installed and enabled:
    • incubator (≥0.18.0)
    • If you are using Icinga Web <2.9.0, the following modules are also required
  • A database: MariaDB (≥10.1), MySQL (≥5.7), PostgreSQL (≥9.6). Other forks and older versions might work, but are neither tested nor supported
  • php-pdo-mysql and/or php-pdo-pgsql
  • php-curl
  • php-iconv
  • php-pcntl (might already be built into your PHP binary)
  • php-posix or php-process depending on your platform
  • php-sockets (might already be built into your PHP binary)

It’s about installing Icinga Director, i didn’t asked that.

I don’t know any documentation on icinga director dependencies.

but a good way to start is to use the icinga2 doc Monitoring Basics - Icinga 2
and figure out how icinga2 does it.
After that you can add dependecies in icinga director and hit the preview tab, dont forget to click on [Show resolved] If that matches you desire deploy it to a test environment and see if it works as expected. Every field has a description click on the field to show it.

Things I figured out so far (in the last 5 minutes):

  • You need a dependecy template so create that first.
  • You dependecy names should be unique
  • a dependecy template is something like a dependecy itself so no dependency name should be equal to any of the templates

If you write down your findings here it would be a great opportunity to participate in this community :slight_smile:

Sorry, was thinking dependencies of the director not how to create Icinga dependencies in director.

Here a example form my configuration:

If you end up writing documentation, how about sending it in via a pull request on the director repository?

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Thanks for your example. Here my configuration, but notifications still working for “child” host ((

Are there any mistakes?

I think, at the moment, if you have 2 dependencies, both need to go down for it to stop sending notifications.
Will probably change in the next release.