Deleted Hosts from Director Still Appearing in Monitor

Good Morning all,

I am currently having an issue with icinga version 2.8.2. The issue is that some hosts when deleted from the icinga director are still appearing in the dashboard, how do I remove these hosts fully?

I have tried to navigate and delete files using putty\bash but my access is denied even though my account is in the admin group?

I am not the most advanced with the back end but I can get my way around and follow a guide so any help here would be much appreciated!

Let me know if more info is required or this is just something easy I am missing from being a newbie!

Thanks in advance.


I now have full access I believe via putty. I will report back if I can find the deleted entries within the conf files.

Hi & welcome to the icinga community,

Maybe a stupid question: Did you deploy the changes after deletion?

Hi Roland,

No i do not believe so, the other problem is that I have inherited this platform form another “admin”



Any change within the director becomes only active after deploying the changes. Hence, got to the director/activity log and hit Deploying xx changes…

I will double check this today if I get a chance thanks again Roland!