Delegate to one server in a cluster

Hi everyone,

I run icinga2 as master - master setup. One server is in a location in Frankfurt and the other is in a location in Düsseldorf. All Clients are across of multiple locations and all works fine.
But to only a few, the icinga2 server in Frankfurt has no route to the client (in Hamburg). In the GUI i have some checks that are OK (checked from Dusseldorf) an some in UNKNOWN with “no route to host” (checked from Frankfurt).
Mostly the servers would be checked by the native and locally installed icinga2 agent. Some server would be checkd by SSH.
Unfortunately, the problem is present in both variants.
I’ve tried to used another server as satellite with the “command_endpoint” option, i’ve tried it with the icinga Düsseldorf server as endpoint, but in the GUI i see as check source both of the master server.
Many years ago, in another company i was able to delegate a check or a server to only one master server (but unfortunately i dont know if it was nagios or icinga).
Is there a way to do something like this? I have already searched for a long time, perhaps for the wrong keywords, but i found nothing.

Many thanks in advance!

  • Version used (icinga2 --version) r2.13.4-1
  • Operating System and version Debian 11 5.10.127-2
  • Enabled features (icinga2 feature list) Enabled features: api checker command debuglog ido-mysql mainlog perfdata
  • Icinga Web 2 version and modules (System - About) doc globe grafana ipl map monitoring reactbundle statusmap x509
  • Config validation (icinga2 daemon -C) OK
  • If you run multiple Icinga 2 instances, the zones.conf file (or icinga2 object list --type Endpoint and icinga2 object list --type Zone) from all affected nodes

Hello @Falko!

In addition to command_endpoint have you tried a child zone?


Normally, the server checked by ssh dont have an own zone, but in this case i had also tried it, without the desired success.

I’m afraid Icinga doesn’t support direct parent/child zones being connected only partially, i.e. satellite C can reach only master A, but not master B.