Delay send a notification for one service only


I’d like to delay sending out a problem notification for the load check only.

Currently a notification is send out instantly if the server load reaches the limits. But I’d like only to send out a notification if the load is to high for e.g. 30 minutes.

I am sure this has been asked many times before but allthough searching around I was not able to found a solution for my question…, or maybe I was just to stupid to search for the right things ;-).

Ciao and thanks for any help,


you need different notification apply rules like

  • one rule that send the notification the usual way for all services exept the special ones.
  • one apply rule for the special ones with

times.begin = 30m

I’d recommend to modify load service’s attributes retry_interval and max_check_attempts. The defaults 1min and 3 issue a notification after 2min, e.g. change it to 3min and 11 would notify after 30min. But keep in mind that this will only work if every 11 check execution need to return the same state.