Debugging icingaweb2 against aNag


I am using aNag on my Android phone to display my status when I am outisde. With icingaweb2, this doesn’t work too well. aNag complains too often like “Error: HttpResponseException: Service Unavailable” for extended periods of time and then doesn’t try to reconnect for at least a quarter of an hour.

In wireshark, the results are inconclusive. In one insance that I have been investigating in more detail, I see Phone and Icingaweb building a TLS session (using ECD cryptography and resuming from a previous session, hence Wireshark being unable to look into the encrypted communications), and using it for five minutes. Then, the Phone sends a FIN, the session is taken down, and the phone goes silent for a quarter of an hour before the next communication happens.

I would like to look what the Phone and Icingaweb are saying to each other. Is there any possibility to have icinga log what it’s saying on the API? Is the regular debug log (“icinga2 feature enable debuglog”) the best I can get?