Debian 10 Problem with icinga2 command

Hey Guys,

i have installed a fresh debian 10 buster for some testings. I wanted to install icinga2 with icingaweb2 and icinga director. At the first step i got already a problem.

the offical installation guide for Icinga2 says: after “apt-get install icinga2” i should be able to show my active icinga2 features (“icinga2 feature list”).

Now get this error: bash: icinga2: command not found

I know that the icinga2 command is important for actions like icinga2 node wizard or icinga2 feature enable …

Does somebody has any ideas what i can do ?


did you used the Icinga repository ( To run icinga2 sub-commands you must be the root user. In Debian 10 the defaults for PATH variable for the root user got changed, either use sudo or start a new root shell with su - or su -l and try it agian.

In the last days I saw a similar post here, unfortunately a solution was not found (yet). I look forward to any feedback. :+1:

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hey michael,

the login with su -l was working for me.

didnt know that the su command changed something in deb 10.

Thank you

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