DB2 Monitoring

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does someone monitor db2 already? Found a lot of checks, but most a very old and for versions below v11. So, do someone have some hints for me, which checks are good for more recent versions?

I’am looking for checks like hadr status, loglags, errors etc.


iam still using the old lausser db2_health and extend it with own modules. Works flawless even with verion 11 of db2.

To get an idea what and how you can monitor db2 hadr can be found here and here




for our DB2 admins it was enough to test if the connection is ok. DB2 is running on a zSystem. So with asking the API of IBM RMF we get also the information if the jobs (inkl. DB2 and other system programs) are ok or not (get ressources for scheduling the jobs). For every other metrics and error message they are using their own tools. Respectively. the zSystem monitors itself.

So it’s depending where you installed your DB2 and which tools your DB2 admins are using.
If the informations you are looking for are stored in a database table, you could do a select with a simple perl/python/… script.

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Hi and thanks to everyone for your tips!

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