DB error for Icinga Director

Hello, i installed an Icinga2 on a Debian Bookworm.
All perfect within i added Director, and ask me which of the two database to use, the IDO database and the icinga2web database.

First i choose for IDO but i received a warning message about the encoding latin1 (he want and utf-8), thus i try to choose the other active db.
After that, icinga gave me the error in the image, but the user icinga_user have all privileges granted on both databases.
Where i have to go for change the database? I try to remove and reinstall director but it’s the same.

Thank you

director wants to create its tables please use a different database for icingadirector not icingaweb2 not ido.

also you need to create a icingaweb2 resource afterwards which references your director database so its in the list to choose from