Datafields arent deleted in the Object if they are removed from the template


I would like to ask why Datafields arent deleted from an object if they have a value.
They are visual removed but if I use “show resolved” they are still inside.

In this case it can be a very tricky to find a config error.


can you provide a little more context on what exactly you’re doing, how the configuration and steps are to follow to fully get your thoughts? Right now it is really hard to guess what’s going on, unless you’re a Director developer I’d say.

Also, versions and screenshots always help in case someone installs a VM to reproduce the question.


I will try to describe it more detail.

Im adding a Custom propertie to a Host via template. (named disk_cfree(the name isnt important))
After that im adding a value to this property.
Now im removing this propertiy from the template. And remove the template from the host. Or you can just remove the template.
After that the property isnt visual shown in the director on the host part.
But it is still in the Host.
If im looking now in the preview, the property is still in the host.

If i would set a apply rule over this variable i have to go into all Host with this template and remove the value from them before i can remove the property or the template. Now I know this but before it was very confusing why the check was applyed to this host.

Im using the director version 1.6.2
Icinga Web Version 2.6.3
Icinga2 Version r2.10.5-1 (over icinga2 --v)

Moin Se

If you remove the value from the property, it will be removed from the preview.

I have a similar issue.

I created two command definitions with specific fields and two service templates based on that command definitions. Now the preview of the second service template shows me the fields of the first command definition too. But the wrong fields are not visible in service template view (modify).

(I created the second command definition via cloning the first one, then i modified its fields later. Maybe thats the reason why the second command definition still owns the “old” fields, because thyre not beeing updated correctly?)

Could find three issues on github that fit (or kinda fit) your problem:

I would suggest to ask in one of them (this first one seems to fit @Moin-se problem the best.)

I read them and it looks like similar issus. (I would say all 3)
But also they are from august last year, April and November 2017.
So i dont think i would open them again.
Also it looks like this issu is wanted (if i had understand him right):

edit: Also it looks like you can delete the property if you delete it complete from the director but I dont have looked for it. Also sometimes you wont delete the hole property.

All issues are still open, so just reply to one of them with the information you posted here.

For now you will have to remember to clear datafields from the host before removing the template adding them