Dashing module on ssl

I am trying to configure Dashing module for https.
I managed to set up the icinga for https on tcp/443. But I dont know how to make it for Dashing module which starts on tcp/8005. I found a pki folder in /usr/share/dashing-icinga2 folder, and put there my private and public key and also ca.crt file.
I didn`t find anything about it somwehere else. I hope it is possible. I will be glad of any help from this community.
Thanks a lot

Hello Ondrej,

It is indeed possible to access dashing-icinga via https, but it is not that easily configurable within the dashing-icinga project itself. This is due to the integrated webserver running dashing, namely Thin.

The common approach used within the community is to reverse-proxy from a proper web server such as Apache or Nginx to your dashing-icinga instance behind the proxy.

Here you can find a former thread on the same topic, where dnsmichi (the project’s former author and owner) as well as bodsch (a contributor) are explaining their setups with configuration examples.

I hope this works out for you, if not, I will gladly invest more time into your issues.

Best regards