Dashing-icinga2 - NOT Showing data from my ICINGA2 platform

I have installed on a fresh UBUNTU Server 18 the dashing-icinga2 dashboard.
The installation was simply and goes well.
I choose to install dashing-icinga2 on a separate server (in the same network of ICINGA)
dashing-icinga2 start correctly.
But the data I can see when connected to http://my-dashing-host:8005 seems to be “simple data” and not the data from my ICINGA2 server.
In addiction the frame with problems are empty and show a message related to cookies (Cookies must be enabled to run this application)
What I missing ?

I PARTIALLY solved (was a problem with API USer) the first part of problem (NOW data are reported correctly from my ICINGA).
BUT still I have the “Icinga Web Host\servce Problem” EMPTY with text:
Cookies must be enabled to run this application