Dashing-icinga2 customized by users

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I have deployed a dashing-icinga2 in my icinga2 installation successfully, but a need has arisen, because we have several departments (CAU, CIBER…) and I would like to mount the same dashboard that shows only the resources that correspond to it according to their department and so far, I have only managed to get the dashboard to show all the content of Icinga since it is the same URL for all. Is there a way to deploy a different dashing-icinga2 for each of the departments?

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I have managed to get dashing-icinga2 to show only the hosts and services of a particular hostgroup, through the api-rest permissions, with a filter applied inside the icinga api-user.conf file.

I just need to know if it is possible to deploy more than one dashing-icinga2 dashboard pointing to the same installation.

I currently have one mounted, the one that is mounted by default in the dashboard installation.


Would it be possible to create several?


Each one with its own api-user and filter.

I don’t know if this is possible.

Could you maybe show the same dashboard for all users but use different filters in shared navigation for module “monitoring”?

Restrictions for user CAU:
monitoring/​filter/​objects: servicegroup_name=CAUservices|hostgroup_name=CAUhosts

Restrictions for user CIBER:
monitoring/​filter/​objects: servicegroup_name=CIBERservices|hostgroup_name=CIBERhosts

Alternatively you could look at the icinga modules customdashboards and teamdashboards from this source: https://github.com/RISE-GmbH

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Thank you very much for your reply.

The first suggestion doesn’t work for me, because my boss doesn’t want the staff of one department to see the monitored items of a department other than their own.

But the modules customdashboard and teamdashboard could be very helpful for me.

Again thanks for your interest and help and I will inform you if with these indications I could solve this question.

Best regards.