Dashing for Icinga 3.0.0

Milestone 3.0.0


  • Refine Icinga Dashboard #86
    • Use ChartJS for Doughnut and Bar Charts
    • Host/Service Overview Charts
    • Connected Endpoints Charts
    • Active Checks Charts
    • Downtimes & Acknowledgement Charts
    • Add clock widget with timezone
  • Provide Docker container dnsmichi/dashing-icinga2 #85
  • Add option to show only hard state problems #73 (thanks Dambakk)
  • Add timezone to clock widget #74 (thanks Dambakk)
  • Add title support for the Iframe widget for Icinga Web #90
  • Support either Dashing or Smashing as Ruby gem #88


  • Version detection broken with Icinga 2.11 #83

hy @mfriedrich

nice upgrade…

but i’ve got a small visual bug…

My “Problems” Tab and the “Statistics” tab are Empty…

And on the Tab “Endpoinzs”,“Downtimes”,“Acknowledements” the charts are inverse…


  • Icinga 2.11.0-1
  • Icingaweb 2.7.2
  • Dashing 3.0
  • Director 1.7.0
  • Php 7.0.33

should i create a git issue ?

A new topic here please. Also add the diff from your modifications there.

Hi Christian, how did you get that dark blue theme?

Ive changed the darkness from the dashing background Image in paint.Net… Thats all