Dashing and Grafana queries

I’ve been experimenting with Dashing and Influxdb/Grafana, my aim is to build a single ops dashboard which displays those hosts and services which are having issues. On paper this sounds simple, but now seems to be slightly challenging.

As a result i have a couple of questions;

  1. Does Influxdb receive status data regarding a measurement (metric/service etc), or is that held only within Icinga itself. I’ve never used Influxdb before and so I’m struggling to verify the question myself. I’m referring to the Problems table shown on the Icinga Dashing dashboard.

  2. If such data is only stored within Icinga, is there any solution to integrate the information in a Grafana dashboard. I certainly can’t find any examples. If not, is Dashing the only options?

  3. Is there any real benefit in switch to Smashing from Dashing.

Your support is appreciated.


metrics are written from Icinga to InfluxDB where the data is then stored. It provides its own HTTP API where e.g. interfaces like Grafana query against. If you extract those queries and use them in your own implementation for putting them into a graph widget, that should work.

Smashing is basically the same as Dashing. People asked for supporting both, so I hacked the Gemfile to support both. I don’t see any benefit, both are unmaintained projects.