Dashboad widgets are duplicated

Hi :wave:

I have been using Icinga on an old Debian host. Now I am about to migrate to the Docker version. What is not working are the dashboard widgets. All widgets are duplicated. Example: The following dasboard.ini leads to 2x “Groups”.

[Current Incidents]
title = "Current Incidents"

[Current Incidents.Service Problems]
title = "Service Problems"
disabled = "1"

[Current Incidents.Recently Recovered Services]
title = "Recently Recovered Services"
disabled = "1"

[Current Incidents.Host Problems]
title = "Host Problems"
disabled = "1"

[Current Incidents.3_Servicegroups]
url = "icingadb/servicegroups?servicegroup.name_ci!=daily-business&sort=services_severity"
title = "Groups"

What I don’t understand is the “why”. Why is the “Groups” widget displayed twice? The same with other widgets. As soon as I add one, it is then visible twice. If I delete the dasboard.ini I see three presumably predefined widgets, which are not duplicated. Therefore I assume that I am doing something wrong. Maybe someone has a hint? :slight_smile:

Image Version:


Loaded Modules according to System → About:

director		1.11.1
icingadb		1.1.1
incubator		0.22.0
  • Web browser: Google Chrome 124.0.6367.62
  • Server operating system: Debian 12 (Debian 11 inside Docker)
  • Icinga 2 version used: v2.14.2
  • PHP version: 7.4.33