Customer query: Password reset function in the offing?

A customer wants to know WHEN Icinga might offer a possibility for him, as non-admin. user, to have his password reset by clicking an appropriate link at the Icingaweb login, WHENEVER he forgets it. He forgot quite a few times recently.

Has anyone heard of something akin to this coming for Icingaweb? I assume the usual way is desired - randomised temp. password set, mailed to her/him, then she/he can login and set a new proper password…


no, that’s not planned at all. Users are not registering themselves, they’re created by an admin or even part of an external authentication mechanism. So there’s only one way to reset a user’s password, and that’s when it’s done by an administrator.

Also, to let users safely reset their own passwords (without logging in) Icinga Web 2 would require at least an E-Mail address, which is also not part of a users’s current dataset.

Due to this and how users are currently managed, I personally don’t see much of a chance that a password reset functionality will be introduced. I’d suggest the user a password management tool, so that only a single password needs to be remembered.

I thought so. Thanks a stack!