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Hello everyone, I should create a laboratory to intercept the re-sharing of a video streaming, by a client authorized to view, to a thief server. I used 3 video server VMs that transmit 3 different transmissions and 3 clients that access at will on one of the 3 servers using VLC (which also allows restreaming). When one of the clients has an exit flow => entry for more than 24h, he stands as a suspect. Since I can add a watermark or a custom payload for each client to each incoming stream, I would like to intercept the suspected client payload on the network. Can Incinga help me carry out this project?

Hi Gianni,

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Icinga can help you schedule the checks (every 1h with 24 retries) and do the alerting as well as provide you with dashboards that tells you which of the checks are in which states. If you want something more fancy to show of, you can go wild with meerkat (the second example is showing dog racing video streams).

The check itself sounds so very specific that you would need to program it yourself.

Do you plan on using a central point (managed switch) to intercept the “illegal” re-streaming or would you install the Icinga2 Agent on the 3 Clients and capture and check the packages there?

since I assume that the clients are decoders or proprietary apps I can use the agents directly on the clients or install a single agent on an openflow switch / router common to the 3 clients

Both are valid ways.

What will you use to write the Checks?

Here is the reference for writing checks: Monitoring Plugins Development Guidelines

If I write checks I also try to follow the guidelines of the Linuxfabrik: monitoring-plugins/CONTRIBUTING.rst at main · Linuxfabrik/monitoring-plugins · GitHub

Can you help me with this problem ? if I try to log in with user icinga2 with sudo mysql - u icinga2 - p everything is ok


You should run Config Validation for the icinga resource under https://<yourip>/icingaweb2/config/resource

If you use the mysql client in the terminal I guess it uses a socket and not a TCP-Port.
Did you configure MySQL to listen on the network or only on local sockets?

Only local socket …… I installed everything on a single Ubuntu virtual machine

icinga_ido fails with error: Connection failed SQLSTATE[HY000] access denied for user ‘icinga2’@‘localhost’ to database ‘icinga2’


Giovanni Del Gaizo

I’d assume the user icinga2 is allowed to login but does not have enough grants to access the database.

actually if I use show databases only icinga2_web appears. There is no icinga2 database.

Yes, looks like it tries to connect via TCP und your DB isn’t listening on the port.

Check your MySQL config and your listening ports.