Custom IfW Plugin Function doesnt get included when generating a new JEA Profile

Hello everyone,

I have recently created a plugin for our Windows Server environment to be able to check the currently installed version of Icinga Agent, Icina Framework and Icinga Plugin.

The strange thing is that when I regenerate the JEA profile, the plugin can no longer be executed and the message “Icinga Exception: Error while executing plugin in JEA context” appears.

After a short research I found the error, because in the IcingaForWindows.psrc under C:\Program Files\WindwsPowerShell\Modules\icinga-powershell-framework\RoleCapabilities the newly created module is available under “ModulesToImport” but the function is missing under “VisibleFunctions”.

If I add this manually in the file, it works again for the time being, I would only be interested in the reason why the function is not recognized when creating the JEA profile.Or, of course, I would like to avoid having to make manual adjustments here with every new JEA Profile Update.

Thank you very much and best regards