Custom dashboard

Hey folks…

Just curious to “see” if any of you modified the web interface to have something more useful for a “SoC” using a big monitor ?

If you mean security operation center, i’m afraid you’ll have troubles to find something focused on it in the icinga world, you would better check for ELK or Splunk if you aim at making one.

I know that icinga is not “security” oriented, but I’m curious to see if someone here tweak the web interface to have something more useful as a “dashboard”


We have build a pure Dashboard for showing Hosts and Services in a list with ordering warnings and criticals to the top followed by the green ones.

This runs on several screens in our company.
We have the ability to filter by customer (via URL parameter) - so to just show whats important for each of my colleages.
Also show when someting is Down but within a scheduled downtime.

Its based on PHP and uses the API to get Hosts and Services.
It reloads via Metarefresh every 10seconds.

Its. kind a simple but it works for our usecase.

Don‘t know if you where asking for this - but thats our setup.


thanks @wolfman22

Yeah, was asking about something like that!

Can you share some screenshot ?

You can find a screenshot in our newest blog post (it’s written in german)
You see all Hosts + Services in the list, the entries are linked with the icinga2 dashboard.
There is also a row for planned downtime, and Acknowledged entries

Tell me what you think

yeah that’s nice! :wink:

We dump performance data to InfluxDB and use Grafana to visualise metrics and alerts. We also pull some information from the Icinga IDO database.