Custom dashboard and variables

Hi, and sorry if this topic is not here and sorry for my horrible english.
im my company we are trying to make a simple dashboard similar a trafic light.
but we have a problem, we dont know if its posible make variables.
We nedd that one host whit for example 5 services enter in diferents trafic light color depending on several variables.For example if service 3 are critical put the host in red light but if the service 3 and 4 are critical put it in the yellow light


maybe the Business Process module is an option for you, where you can apply such logic.


Hi! and thx for your answer.
im loking it, and i saw can use logical and´ or´ and `not´ but i dont know if it am able to my use.
I have for example host 1 whit 10 services and i nedd that the service 1 in critical state and the state 2 in ok put the alarm in the red light, but also nedd the service 3 in ok 4 in alarm and the 1 in critical gonna to yelow light. My question is , can i use more that 1 logical for the same service? or can i only take one logical?