Curl to https:/icinga2/monitoring/list/notifications?host_name=xyz


Is it possible to use curl for getting arbitrary pages. Ive tried

curl -c /tmp/cookie.jar -b -j -L -v -u "login:pw" $url

with no luck.

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Try it with a proper API request:

curl -u "icingaadmin:icinga" -H "Accept:application/json" https://icinga2/icingaweb2/monitoring/list/notifications?notification_timestamp%3E=-2%20days&host_name=myhostname

By passing the Accept header, you don’t get a cookie and don’t need to add &format=json to the url.

That really works! :slight_smile:

Till know I only used the Icinga-REST API (for object) on port 5665. But this one is icingaweb2 specific, I think. Where can I read more about it?
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Nowhere. It’s not documented. There’s also not that much more you can do with it, besides retrieving lists easily as JSON. The only advantage over the Icinga 2 API here is that restrictions (dependent on the used login) are applied to the result.

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