CURL ERROR: Failed to connect to port 5665: Verbindungsaufbau abgelehnt (RestApiClient.php:143)

When trying to run the kickstarter I get this error message:

CURL ERROR: Failed to connect to port 5665: Verbindungsaufbau abgelehnt (RestApiClient.php:143)

IP, Password, Port, Endpoint everything is ok. No firewall is enabled. Can someone help me out.


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I still can’t figure it out. API is also enabled.

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this looks like an issue on the network level, i.e. the Director can’t reach the API.

What does a CURL call return?

curl -k -s -u root:icinga ''

(Change root and icinga to your username and password, also modify the IP for your needs.)

Are you running everything on the same host? If so you can try to use localhost or instead.

Please provide more details about your setup. Which operating system you are using? Which version of Icinga 2 and Director are you using?

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thanks for the response.

Did that but got an empty return.

Icinga2 and Icingawe2+director-module is installed on a virtual machine (Virtual Box) on my Mac. I’m accessing Icingaweb2 via Firefox on my Mac.

This is in my api-user.conf

object ApiUser “root” {
password = “a46553827604217a”
// client_cn = “”

permissions = [ “*” ]


Is Icinga 2 running? (systemctl status icinga2)? After you enabled the API feature (or running the node wizard, which enables the API feature) did you restart Icinga 2 (systemctl restart icinga2)?

Please try as IP address during the Director kickstart wizard. This should work since every component (Icinga 2, Web 2, Director) is installed on the same host/machine.

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systemctl restart icinga2

and as IP

did it for me. Thank you a lot!