Critical plugin timeout while executing system call

Hello ,
I’d like to pose my problem when we are trying to monitor our switchs using SNMPV3,
so here is my system’s description :

NAME=“CentOS Linux”
VERSION=“7 (Core)”
ID_LIKE=“rhel fedora”
PRETTY_NAME=“CentOS Linux 7 (Core)”


Icinga Version 2.13.1-1
Icinga Web 2 version : 2.9.3

the problem is when using snmp v3 with specific OID i get always the error: CRITICAL - Plugin timed out while executing system call
view the capture for more informations please

I have tried to remove the objects ( i made a comment and i have restart the services), the SNMP change to 1, then i always get this error,
the timeout was before 1800s but i have removed it and i use standard options regarding to timeout and retry interval
i have restarted the VM and the icinga service but its nothing change
does anyone had the same issue like me before ?
thank you so much

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What happens when you run the check command manually (with arguments) on the agent performing the check?

Hello @steaksauce thanks for your reply, i got the same error msg

CRITICAL - Plugin timed out while executing system call

before it was all alright , but yesterday and before it i got always the critical plugin timed out.

Hello ,
Iam always getting the same errors

CRITICAL - Plugin timed out while executing system call

<Timeout exceeded.><Terminated by signal 15 (Terminated).>

what should a do ? i’am facing this errors and this bug everytime and i got + 200 notification in the same time


could you show us how the check is defined (of course without credentials)?
Did you still try it with net-snmp as well?
Did you try it with root-privileges?
If you are using selinux, did you checked the logs there?
Do you see any hint in the logs from the device, you want to access?

We had this recently, and it was due to the check_snmp binary behaving differently to smnp_get, due to having a large number of mibs present on the system. Try with a minimal amount of mibs perhaps to isolate the issue. Start icinga with the debug feature enabled:
icinga2 feature enable debuglog
run the check, then restart with the feature disabled (it makes a large log)
Then you will get the command line of the check and can run it exactly in your environment (look in the debuglog). This will help you isolate the exact command and arguments your config is using. The root cause for us recently was the large number of mibs on the machine running the plugin.

this github bug is the issue we had. check_snmp was hanging, causing a timeout back to icinga.