critical/ApiListener: Cannot accept new connection: Too many open files


I have icinga (version: r2.13.4-1) running in Debian docker container. Most of the time it runs smoothly, but sometimes it crashes, and the only log I can see is “critical/ApiListener: Cannot accept new connection: Too many open files” recursively.

Could someone please help me here?

This is the icinga version, I have.

Below is the snapshot of the log.

Unfortunately, I’ve no idea, but I’d suggest to upgrade to the most current version 2.13.7. and try it again.

Looks to me like the icinga service has used up all resources it is allowed to use. Maybe you need to raise the LimitNOFILE.

Have a look at /etc/systemd/system/icinga2.service.d/limits.conf and How to set limits for services in RHEL and systemd - Red Hat Customer Portal

If im not wrong we got similar Issues due to not ended processes in the container.

Fast fix: redeploy the container


I am also facing the same issue. Has anyone found a fix for the same?