Creating dependencies for services with Director

Hi !
I need to create dependencies for service checks.
I had some service templates and host templates.
I want to create dependencies to keep low the amount of notification in case of problems.
How can be achieve this with Director ?


depending on which version you are using. But since v1.7.0 you can find a a function “Dependencies”


But be aware that there exists an open issue if you can to create a service to service dependency: It’s on the roadmap for 1.8.

THX… But is not clear how these dependencies are related to Host template and/or Service template…
Is there documantation about this ?

It has nothing to do with the host/service template. You create an own template for dependencies. e.g.

I think no

Is not crear how can use this feature (dependencies) to achieve my goal.
I need something that block check and notificatios (or at least notification) to child checks.
Ones I have defined a root check… and other dependencies checks

The director is rendering a icinga2 configuration like described here How it is working with icinga is decribed here: With that informations from the docs you can do what your goal is. If you don’t want to get a notification if the parent host is down. You have to activate the corresponding option - in the form from the director: “Disable Notificiations” (see my screenshot).

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