Creating a Service to Service dependency in the GUI


I want to create a hierarchy like this:
(1) host
(2) service
(3) multiple services

If the parent service (2) goes down I don’t want the services beneath (3) to send an alarm. I’ve tried it with dependencies and service apply rules but I can’t get any of those working. I’ve read the documentation and other posts but since I am new to Icinga and informatics in general I have trouble understanding the concepts and terminology.

  • Director version (1.10.2)
  • Icinga Web 2 version and modules (2.11.2)

Set the option for parent host to your (1) host and parent service to your (2) service.
Then create an apply rule config with = service1 OR = service2 OR = serviceXYZ.
Set the States option to OK as you want to receive notifications for your “multiple services” when the parent service is in an OK state.

With this you can create a dependency for service of host X to the parent service at host A.

If you want your dependency to be “generic”, because you have your posted hierachy on many hosts, you can leave the parent host field empty.
That way your “multiple services” are dependent on the parent service on the same host.

Thanks for the response,

If I understand you right I have to create a dependency with the parent host and service. As soon as I fill in the Parent Service the following error occours: * Unable to resolve related property: “parent_service_id” (IcingaDependency.php:592)

When creating an apply rule I only can assign for host.varname and not for service.varname. I am not sure why this is the case. Even if I create cutom variables for a service I cant filter for that variable.

Looking for this in the issue tracker on github brings you to this issue:

You could try cherry-picking the mentioned commit that solved the issue.
Otherwise you will have to wait for v1.11.0