Could not connect to Redis

hi all , iam trying to install icinga DB i followed this documentation

when I give this command

icingadb -config /etc/icingadb/icingadb.ini , it returns me this

INFO[0000] Connecting to Redis
ERRO[0000] Could not connect to Redis. Trying again context=redis error=“dial tcp connect: connection refused”
INFO[0000] Connecting to MySQL
INFO[0000] Starting heartbeat listener
INFO[0000] SQL connection established

Hi Devin ,
Make Sure to restart redis server right after installing it by using
redis-server or sudo service redis-server start, also try brew services --verbose start redis which will show you that the log file is at /usr/local/var/log/redis.log . if this doesn’t workout please try to start the service manually : systemctl start icingadb-redis


thanks Callum systemctl start icingadb-redis did it for me . now am able to connect with Redis Seems like we need to start the service Manaually

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