Convert Check_Command to Icinga-Dicector Command

It is possible to Build from this check_command a Native Icinga-Director command? I would like assign the command in the icinga Frontend for better overview.

…very grateful for any any hints and tips

apply Service "eventlog" {
  import "generic-service"
  check_command = "nscp-local"
  vars.nscp_modules = [ "CheckEventLog" ]
  vars.nscp_query = "check_eventlog"
  command_endpoint = "SVR-HVH-01.NET.local"
  vars.nscp_arguments = [ 

  assign where == "SVR-HVH-01.NET.local"}

Hello @sysista

Welcome to the community.

Yes, you can convert this Service to be defined in the Director.
You will need to define all the variables in the custom fields menu and assign them to the service.
To understand how that is done look at the documentation

Then when you create the apply_rule you can assign it to the host ( as long as it is visible for the director.

If you get an indication that the nscp-local command is not defined , you can define it in Director -> commands -> custom commands.