Connection icinga2, icingaweb2 and icingadb (redis?)

I cannot make icingadb work in a new environment and need some help. I do not have any experience with icingadb, have been using IDO until now.

Main issue:

The message above in red indicates that there is some communication error with Redis, since Icinga2 is talking to Redis only and IcingaWeb2 is talking to Redis and MariaDB (Right?).
Redis and Mariadb are talking to IcingaDB, Icinga2 and IcingaWeb2 are not, right?)

Goal is to have as much services as possible running in containers. We are on RHEL 8 and therefore using rootless Podman. I was following this information:

Docker IcingaDB

I interpret this information as:
Icinga2 (icingadb feature) → Redis
IcingaWeb2 (icingadb module) → Redis

I set up the following containers:

CONTAINER ID  IMAGE                               COMMAND               CREATED       STATUS           PORTS                   NAMES
d906725fab1d  localhost/influxdb:1.8              influxd               3 days ago    Up 27 hours ago>8086/tcp  influxdb
5de58a7728d3  localhost/grafana/grafana:9.1.8                           3 days ago    Up 27 hours ago>3000/tcp  grafana
31f0f054c5b8  localhost/mariadb:10.9.3            mariadbd              44 hours ago  Up 27 hours ago                          mariadb-icingaweb2
30bd4081239d  localhost/icinga/icingaweb2:2.11.1  bash -eo pipefail...  27 hours ago  Up 26 hours ago>8080/tcp  icingaweb2
776f4f0ebd63  localhost/redis:7.0.5               redis-server          24 hours ago  Up 23 hours ago>6379/tcp  icinga-redis
596c28da2aa0  localhost/icinga/icingadb:1.0.0     /entrypoint           23 hours ago  Up 23 hours ago                          icingadb
84d0d21d3d5f  localhost/mariadb:10.9.3            mariadbd              18 hours ago  Up 18 hours ago>3306/tcp  mariadb-icingadb

So, that means:
Icinga2: local install (eventhandlers, scripts etc)
IcingaWeb2: Container
IcingaDB: Container
Mariadb for IcingaDB: Container
Redis: Container

To investigate communication to Redis, I checked logs:
Icinga2 Log:

information/IcingaDB: 'icingadb' started.
information/IcingaDB: Trying to connect to Redis server (async) on host 'localhost:6379'
information/IcingaDB: Connected to Redis server

IcingaWeb2 (where to find a good log?)

IcingaDB Container Log

2023-01-06T11:04:50.871Z        DEBUG   entrypoint/main.go:40   translating env vars to YAML config
2023-01-06T11:04:50.872Z        DEBUG   entrypoint/main.go:85   checking SQL database
2023-01-06T11:04:50.875Z        DEBUG   entrypoint/main.go:79   starting actual daemon via exec(3)
2023-01-06T11:04:50.939Z        INFO    icingadb        Starting Icinga DB
2023-01-06T11:04:50.939Z        INFO    icingadb        Connecting to database at 'mariadb-icingadb:3306'
2023-01-06T11:04:50.940Z        INFO    icingadb        Connecting to Redis at 'icinga-redis:6379'
2023-01-06T11:04:53.942Z        INFO    icingadb        Waiting for Icinga 2 to write into Redis, please make sure you have started Icinga 2 and the Icinga DB feature is enabled

So, that tells me that both Icinga2 and IcingaWeb2 are connecting to Redis. Right? Is there anything else to install for IcingaDB next to Icinga2 on that host?

  • Icinga DB Web version (System - About): I do not understand. There are the module and the feature. Anything else?
  • Icinga Web 2 version (System - About): 2.11.1 (podman rootless)
  • Web browser: Edge
  • Icinga 2 version (icinga2 --version): 2.12.4-1
  • Icinga DB version (icingadb --version): localhost/icinga/icingadb 1.0.0
  • PHP version used (php --version): -
  • Server operating system and version: RHEL 8.6

Hi @danielbierstedt, you’re using incompatible versions of Icinga DB and Icinga 2. When using Icinga DB v1.0.0, you also need at least 2.13.4 Icinga 2 version.

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You are correct. After pulling the most recent containers, connection works. Thank You!

In case you are using docker-compose: please share your yaml here.

I’d like to learn from your example. Thanks in advance. :ok_hand: