Connection between host and notification


first of all i want to say that i am absolute icinga beginner.
I took the monitoring from a colleague who unfortunately is no longer in our company and my problem is that I can’t find the connection from user,notification to the host.
I have user,groups,time period,notification,hosts and it all works but what i want to do is to separate:

userA -get messages from hosts A,B,C(warninng,criritical)
userB messages from hosts DEF(warninng,criritical)

Thank you in advance

Hi @dalibor,

welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

I guess there is a group or list of users configured in the host object. It probably just looks like this:

object Host “server1” {
  users = [ "UserA", "UserB" ]
  groups = [ “sysadmins” ]

The other option is that this is defined in the notification object. Parameters are the same.


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Hi Marcel,

thank you for your fast replay,is there an option in icinga director how to change this.