Connecting Grafana with Grafana-Module for IcingaWeb2

Goal: display Grafana graphs within IcingaWeb2

Is there a Grafana Dashboard (for InfluxDB) known that works out of the box?

Debian 9 (stretch)
Icinga2 r2.11.0-1
Grafana v6.4.3
Influxdb 1.7.9-1

Icinga agents and service measurements can be displayed within Grafana web-frontend. Using the icinga2-influxdb-host dashboard.

Tested Grafana Dashboards:
Name: icinga2-influxdb-host
Dashboard ID: 1572
Status: working out of the Box – but only within Grafana web-frontend. The author states, that this dashboard can not be used with the icingaweb2-module-grafana – what I can confirm.

Name: Icinga2 with InfluxDB
Dashboard ID: 381
Status: out of the Box, it doesn’t even find any Agent.

For example the dashboard with id 1572 fails with a timeout (icingaweb2 notifies about curl being unable to fetch) because the icinga-grafana-modul autogenerated curl looks like:
curl ‘>/icinga2-influxdb-host?var-hostname=FQDN_Icinga2Agent&var-service=load&var-command=load&panelId=42&orgId=1&width=640&height=280&theme=light&from=now-6h&to=now’

testing a slightly different curl works:
curl ‘>/icinga2-influxdb-host?var-hostname=FQDN_Icinga2Agent’

How must the parameter var-service=load, var-command=load be handeld by the grafana dashboard?

Thank you a lot.

Why you dont just use the provided dashboards that comes with the module? The only service graph needed to be configured is the hostalive.

Thank you very much.