Connect a statuspage to icinga2

Has anyone tried to use icinga as (partial) source for a statuspage?
As in or the like, there are several open source ones …

We don’t want our customers to see a full icinga dashboard we are thinking how about a statuspage that can get a few specific check results/alerts from icinga and then someone can possibly add notices targeted to our customers there …

I use the Business Process module for that.

If you want to have more control over the presentation you could use things like with a background and position the status indicators on the pixel grid.

Also rolling your own should be easy as you can just use ajax in on your page to call your web server which calls the Icinga2 REST API to get the status. Here an example on how the get a service status in PHP: Icinga2 Api - Icinga 2

If you want to use an opensource status page, I guess, there will be facilities to feed it with the status data and there it should be trivial to plug the Icinga2 API in directly or create a trivial wrapper for the Icinga2 API.