Coniugo SMS modem has constant CMS error 111

Hi - is anyone else using this GPS modem - recommended by Netways! - for notifying Icinga2 users by phone for serious CRITICAL etc. situations?

Since the beginning of our using it several years ago, we have occasionally had “CMS error 111” cases noted in the log of the SMS (Linux) service - /var/log/smsd/smsd.log - but only recently realised that SMSs that are involved are then deleted, i.e. they never get sent.

Unfortunately the list of possible CMS errors for GPS modems says this error 111 is an “unspecified protocol” error… Not much useful info there!

So we discovered that the problem can be solved, we assumed, if the modem is reset, and then the smsd restarted. We even found a way to automate this into an event-handler called by Icinga2 when a “logfiles” check notices appearance of the above-mentioned error.

Usually this reset+restart works, but currently we have the problem that it no longer has an effect!! Any SMS sent now experiences this error, and is then deleted by the smsd without having been sent.

Any ideas? Could it be the 3-year-old modem is “kaputt” and needs to be replaced? If so, how does one diagnose the modem?

P.S.: Here the details of the Icinga2 system involved (incomplete in terms of config. etc. since this is an error that does not really have to do with Icinga, I feel)…

Icinga 2.10.2-1
on CentOS 7.5.1804;
Output of smsd -V is…

Version 3.1.15, Copyright (c) Keijo Kasvi,,
Based on SMS Server Tools 2 from Stefan Frings,,
SMS Server Tools version 2 and below are Copyright (C) Stefan Frings.

The problem has been (temporarily?) solved by the customer’s switching off of the modem, waiting some seconds and then switching it on again. After that we still manually had to restart the smsd on the customer Icinga server, then all was fine.

(But if anyone has more on the cause of this ever-recurring spontaneous error, please feel free to share. :slight_smile: )

Not using this or any other device in this regard. But it’s a rather old modem, which may be affected by shutdowns of various frequencies. Notable the UMTS frequencies which were shut down this year in Germany?

Though, didn’t find any notable info which frequency this modem is really using in the blogpost. You should have a manual or so where you could take a look. :sweat_smile:

Also, your best bet would be asking the Netways support ( Maybe they already encountered this error and help you out.

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