Confused about whether to install Icinga DB from snapshot repo

I’m doing a reinstall of Icinga 2 et al. on RHEL 8.5 (soon to be RHEL 8.6) using the canonical installation document on GitHub.

I’ve set up the Icinga 2 IDO stuff for MariaDB. Now it’s telling me to install Icinga DB, despite it not being ready for Prime Time.

Icinga DB is a new data backend currently in development. It’s purpose is to synchronise data between Icinga 2 (Redis) and Icinga Web 2 (MySQL), some day replacing the IDO. Don’t worry, we won’t drop support on the IDO any time soon.

!!! note

Icinga DB is not ready to be used in production and should only be used for testing purposes.

I don’t get it. So am I supposed to install this thing or not? I see a 1.0.0.rc2.14 snapshot but no 1.0.0 final release obviously, so I’m confused about what to do.

(Please be gentle - I’m a Nagios veteran but an Icinga n00b.)

Icinga DB is intended to replace the IDO feature, you only need one of them. So you have to follow only one of the “IDO with MySQL”, “IDO with PostgreSQL” or “Icinga DB” sections.

I suggest reading the documentation at, it should be a bit more readable there as it’s rendered to only show steps for the current OS.

Thanks Julian! It kinda felt that way but to be honest, to this n00b the documentation is confusing in several places. Now I can make some progress …