Configure loglevel for Windows Icinga2 agent


I found out, that I can manually set severity = “warning” in the windowseventlog.conf on the Windows system. This is working fine after restarting the service.

Is there a way to configure all Windows agents at once using Icinga2? Or at least to make this default for new installations? We are using the Start-IcingaAgentInstallWizard to install the agent on the Windows systems and there seems to be no option to configure the loglevel. If there’s no possibility and I would have to manually edit the file on every server, would this get overwritten again at any time?

Icinga Master ist currently on 2.13.2. Windows agents on 2.13.1. Thanks a lot in advance.

Kind regards

Hello @Charr!

Regarding mass editing: do you have GPO?

Regarding overwriting: feel free to try it out and share your experience.