Configuration to monitor a windows client

Hey icinga2-community,

I want to monitor some windows-clients and servers.

In the internet I find 5-10 article/installation-guides how to setup the icinga2 and a windows-client but everytime it doesnt work. Maybe because the article are some years old.

Can someone support me or text me with an installation guide which is up-to-date?

Best regards,
phylipp from Germany

Hello and welcome!

Could Icinga for Windows be what you’re looking for?



thanks for ur reply.

My situation is:

I use Ubuntu 20.04 and have a clean up-to-date Icinga2 / Icinga2Web installed.

What are the next steps for me, to monitor a windows-server? Like cpu, ram, disk…?

Best regards,

Have you followed the steps described in the link provided by Feu?

If you havem and you ran into problems, where did you get stuck and what
specifically went wrong?



I used the “kickstart-script”.

Before I used the script, I entered:

Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass

After the wizard ends, I get following message:

(Clean installed Windows10, which is up-to-date and is in the same network how the ubuntu-server, where running icinga2)

Hello and thank you for the message. This seems to be a bug with the Framework/Kickstart itself. The password used for the Sercice User is the wrong object type. As the user is not requiring a password in your configuration, the variable later used seems to be an empty string instead of an empty object.

Can you please open a Github issue with the error message for this? I will have a look on this then

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This issue is fixed on the current master and will ship with 1.2.0. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Fix service user password ‘Conversion to String’ error

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