Configuration Master HA


We have 2 icinga2 master nodes. We are configuring via packages and stages. Only one master can be master configuration?

My environment details:

  • Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS.
  • Icinga2 (version: r2.9.1-1)

Thanks in advanced.

That is how that works. The secondary master is kind of like a satellite, but will take over the IDO database if you have HA turned on there.

It’s worth backing up your certificate store and configuration folder somewhere on your secondary master in the event that you need a complete failover, but the secondary master will keep chugging along and doing its job until the primary comes back to life. If your primary is completely dead, sync config, repurpose, and replace the other.

So, if the primary is dead I can not provide new packages and stages until I recover it. right?

Thank you very much for the advice. They help me improve my failover procedure.

You can deploy them to the secondary host as well, just ensure that you don’t do that at normal operation time - deploying twice is not a good idea. Packages are synced to the primary master again once it reconnects.

Best is to try that in a test lab with two masters and a small script which creates packages/stages.


Thanks Michael.

I’ll try it in a test lab.