Configuration automation


I’m not sure to be on the right topic. If not… sorry

I’m working on my monitoring and on icinga installation.
I’ve one master for the moment and 4 satellites (2 on zone1 and 2 on zone2).
All is working fine with this config. (API is working too)

My question is now: i’ve many and many hosts and services.
I want to automatize my monitoring generation.
Is there any solution, scripts existing which permit that?

I’m reading doc for icinga director but not sure that it will answer totally my question.

In fact i’ve generated files with hosts like:

/tmp/zone1 which contain my hosts:

/tmp/zone2 which contain my hosts:

I’'ve my global template.
And i want to generate my config file with api for all my hosts.
And if i add new host i want that host will be monitored too.
With API i can do it manually but i 'd like to automatise this point.

If you have some ideas?
Thanks for help

in short: yes the director is one solution for your case. You can Import from CSV-files, databases etc.
Create your Service rules, dependency, downtimes etc and the director creates the config for icinga2

People are also using puppet, ansible or terraform.