Config Migration from Manual config to Director config

Hello Guys,
I have recently Installed the director module on my icinga master server.
Until now I have configured manual configuration of objects located under /etc/icinga2/conf.d
I Am interested in migrating that configuration to the director configuration so i will be able to add services to an existing host for example using director.
Is there any way of migrating the manual configuration to director configuration without manually creating each existing object using the director tool?


a grown Icinga DSL with objects is hard to import into the Director. To my knowledge, some objects can be imported via the kickstart wizard/REST API, some can not. Didn’t try that yet though.

One thing I could think of - use the IDO database as resource to import hosts with the address. The Director has a rich source for custom imports, based on SQL queries or anything which can be used to provide column and row based results.

Based on your experience thus far, I would also recommend to take a moment and consider the “source of all truth” for your monitoring objects. Do you happen to have a CMDB which already knows about all the hosts? Or maybe an automation tool which already provisioned all of them, and knows about running services and other facts?

Such things can also be taken into account, moving away from the manual object creation towards automated imports from external sources. The Director syncs that and triggers the deployment too. Manual additions are still possible, if you need that.