Condition Service Check in Cluster

HI Team,

We need an advise from you…

Suppose there is Service A that has been installed on both servers server1 & server2… Service A shouldn’t run on both servers.

Both server1 & server2 are in a cluster… When we make server1 primary, service A shouldn’t run on server2. If we make server2 primary then service A shouldn’t run on server1

we are getting critical(false positive alert) for server that doesn’t have running Service A… Is there anyway, I can handle (Conditional check) these kind of situations…

Apologies & let me know if my question is not clear

Presumably the cluster has a floating IP address which is on only one of the
two machines at any given time, and that is also the machine which should be
running the service.

If that is the case, create a host object in Icinga with the floating IP
address, and apply the service check to that machine and not to either of the
two real machines.

Just out of interest, what cluster management / failover software are you
using which works well with two machines in a cluster (rather than three), and
what does it do if the two machines lose connectivity with each other (split