Community support delay?

I just wanted to know how long does it take to get an answer in average? I send a question 2 months ago and i still didn’t receive any feed-back, is it possible or may something wrong with my profile setting?

My topic was: “I cannot syslog messages from an Icinga2 podman container”

I don’t think there is a “normal” time span and certainly no guarantied answer time.

I for example only answer if I think I have something to contribute and my container knowledge is minimal, so I left this one to others that run Icinga2 in a container.

@theFeu any statistics?

Thank you very much Dominik, i was not sure about Icinga2 community support approach, now it’s clear for me it’s not ticket-based. Thank you for your feed-back!

Where did you get the Icinga2 container from? Maybe you can open a ticket there in the GitHub/GitLab repository of the project or ask in the forum, if they have one.

Hey there,
From what I can tell the time to first response is roughly a day, but that of course doesn’t take into account when there are no answers on a post.

I could offer you some stats on new posts:

vs posts that received no answers:

I was already thinking about somehow showing all “unanswered posts”, so they are easier to find, but I didn’t have an idea on how to do that (yet)

As @rivad said, it very much depends on whether someone who sees the post knows the answer.

“Official” support from our developers / support isn’t guaranteed in the forum, as it is just a platform we offer for community members to help each other - and depending on their workload, some people from team Icinga will also visit every now and then.

What I can suggest if you feel like your post was overlooked or didn’t get an answer in a while is to post an update with where you looked for a solution, or what you tried that didn’t work.
“Bump” updates aren’t very well received, but giving updates on your progress is also helpful for people who might be able to help you :slight_smile:

Hope I could shed some light :slight_smile:


This is a feature I saw in a couple of forums - maybe a setting or a plugin?

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