Command Transport - Failed connect to; Connection refused

  • Icinga Web 2 version 2.5.3
  • Used modules and their versions
  • Web browser chrome
  • Icinga 2 version used r2.13.5-1
  • PHP version used 7.1.18
  • Server operating system Centos 7

Trying to revive an old instance with a 2.84 setup. I have patched things together but now on last bit it seems I get an error when doing things in the web application.
icinga2: Failed connect to; Connection refused.

I have configured the Icinga 2 API with these values:

Icinga 2 API

Validating gives this:
Failed to successfully validate the configuration: Couldn't connect to the Icinga 2 API: Failed connect to; Connection refused

I have activated the api in icinga 2 but when I try to restart it I see this error in icinga2 daemon -C:
critical/config: Error: Endpoint object for 'mon.test.salt' is missing.

I am not using zone endpoints.

Does Icinga 2.13 require endpoints and if so what it the minimum setup required. This is a temporary monitoring setup for an in-house dev system. I need shortest path to just monitor some instances.

Also, is there a list somewhere which shows all the versions and their compatible dependencies, like OS > icinga2 > icingaweb2 > mysql > etc.

Please advise, thanks.

cat features-available/api.conf
 * The API listener is used for distributed monitoring setups.

object ApiListener "api" {
  accept_config = true
  accept_commands = true

  ticket_salt = TicketSalt
cat conf.d/api-users.conf
 * The APIUser objects are used for authentication against the API.
object ApiUser "icingaweb2" {
  password = "*****"
  // client_cn = ""

  permissions = [ "*" ]

Switched to old-school command transport, turned off api feature.

Working - sorry for the distraction.