Command attribute configuration error


I’m new in icinga2’s world so I don’t totally understand the operation of icinga2. I decided to use icinga director plugin to create and manage Host, commands etc … directly in icingaweb2.

So, i have got 1 docker container running on the same VPS that i installed icinga2 and i want to supervisor this container. I found a good script to get stats from my docker container (cf this) but i don’t understand how to implement command in director.

the script is in the /usr/lib/nagios/plugin/ folder and called “”

this time i have configuration for my command like this:

and i tried to pass my container name as arguments like this:

but this configuration don’t works and give me this error when i try to deploy it:

here the pastbin of error

thanks you for help !

I found the solution ! I set String to true so it didn’t set “[” around my command.