Coffee mug


I have a coffee mug here - from some Icinga camp in Berlin I think - black on the outside, white on the inside and the Icinga logo engraved on it. Not printed on it in any case.

Can anyone tell me where these cups were produced? I can only find some for printing on the internet but none with 3D engraving or how to do that.

Thanks and many greetings from

Jan :slight_smile:

The Icinga shop is gone and also no mugs any longer in the Netways shop. I will ask if at least the source for the mugs can be published.

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@dgoetz and @bsheqa, thanks in responding here. In fact, I am not interested in buying another Coffee mug but I would like to know the source where it was produced, because I like the style and would like to create my own in a similar style :sunglasses:

If you want me to buy one mug to get this information I will buy one, of course :stuck_out_tongue: