Cluster-zone helath check how to do in director way

Hello team,

I read below docs for health check

cluster-zone with Masters, Satellites and Agents

Need to configure the health check for the cluster-zone in a director approach
Is there any way to achieve this?

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hello team,

Can anybody help

This is fairly simple.

The clusterzone check command is already inside the ITL, so a kickstart import brings it into the Director.
Then simply add the cluster_zone field to the check command from the drop down menu.
Then create a service template using the check command.
After that create service apply rules to check your different zones.
In case your zones are named exactly as the hosts/endpoints you can simply apply the check. If not put the zone name into the cluster_zone field.

Example for a check for a sattlite zone running on the master:

Example for a check running on the satellite(s) check the master zone connection:

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Thanks @log1c for the detailed explanation