Cisco UCS Module available?

I’ve been looking high and low on the Internet for someone… anyone that has done something with Icinga and Cisco UCS for monitoring. Was hoping there might be a module to use?

Nagios has/had a sem-support module for this…

…but these do not look very promising in trying to port them or make them work with Icinga2.

If anyone has something on this topic, please let me know.

I haven’t heard about this, but it says SNMP is possible. So with the correct MIBs/OIDs, this could be doable either with check_snmp or a self-written (or inspired) plugin then.

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What Kind of modules you want to Monitor? You want to monitor the hardware? If yes, you should look at the Redfish API. Because many server manufacturer offers this, if it’s a current Version of CIMC/iLO. You can do API requests and you get a JSON for parsing.

Look at here for example:

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Hey guys, thanks for the reply… monitoring the hardware health states would be nice and possibly the FIs. I compare a little, I like how the vmware perl sdk along with the script can handle an array of monitoring options. I know the vmware part has been a work in progress for many years, but something along those lines for UCS would be pretty neat to see.

I’d willing to help test and provide feedback…