Checking result with the previous result

Hi All,

I’ve managed to navigate most queries I’ve had via the documentation and forums here, but have one query that I’m not quite able to get my head around.

Essentially I can query the number of packets one of my Linux servers has received, but the numbers themselves are meaningless without any other context. Essetnailly I’d like to just confirm that they are receiving packets since the last check.

I’ve seen this post which seems to be similar in nature (Service alert comparing current values to past to track state change) but the first recommendation of creating a plugin seems a bit over the top considering what it is I’m wanting to do. In saying that I’m not really sure how I capture the ‘last result’ then call the check again to get the new result. The user in that post managed to sort it themselves but what they were comparing against was essentially a static value (i.e. “10 minutes ago”) so their actual result maybe isn’t so relevent.

Any advice appreciated. If it’s “you need the create a plugin” then so be it. Don’t think I’ll have the skills to do so particularly quickly, if at all, but I’m more hoping for suggestions for a quick workaround.


Maybe try to use a function. There is a blogpost about functions at